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Cell: 301-275-3857  Best to call 4:30-9:30pm

Blackbern LLC is a Federally Licensed Firearms Importer. If you have guns or parts for sale Blackbern LLC would be interested in hearing from you.

C&R (03) FFL’s are welcome when firearms meet the criteria but please note restrictions below.

No retail sales of modern firearm to non-licensed individuals.  You must have a FFL or have a FFL dealer willing to accept the gun for you. If need help finding one, has a good list, or call and i’ll see if I can find one for you. We will not ship a modern firearm (and antiques to NJ) to anyone who does not have a Federal Firearm License. Federal, state and local laws and/or requirements will be observed. Please remember to include a signed FFL with any order. Products will only be shipped to the license address.  Parts can be shipped without a FFL.  Some parts (example-High Capacity Magazines) cannot be shipped to all areas, you must know your state laws or ask before ordering.  If you are outside the US please remember that not all parts can be exported from the US, ask before ordering.

If there is any undisclosed problem with an item Blackbern LLC sends to you, please call or email ASAP. There is a THREE-DAY non-shooting examination period for firearms. The product must be returned in the same condition as received and freight paid. Do not return the product COD as it will be refused. Shipping is not reimbursable. Be sure to pack and insure correctly. A refund will be made the next business day under normal circumstance. Firearms are sold as collectibles and have not been test fired nor headspaced.  A qualified gunsmith should examine all firearms before shooting and should be used to install parts.

Payment is expected within 10days.  Payment can be made by money order, cashiers check. Personal checks are discouraged and can take up to 10 days to clear. Please indicate what you buying with your payment, as this will ease any confusion on my end.

Under normal circumstances shipping is within 2-3 business days. All rifles/shotguns are shipped in plastic hardcase inside a cardboard box to prevent damage. The hardcase is included in the shipping cost.  I am tired of fighting with UPS and FedEx and this seems to have solved the problems associated with shipping damage.

Sales PROHIBITED to residents of the following states and cities:

* CALIFORNIA: All handguns must be shipped to FFL other than a 03. Rifles/shotguns must be made prior to 1957 before it can be shipped to a 03 FFL
* MASSACHUSETTS: All handguns must go to FFL other than 03.
* NEW JERSEY: All firearms including antiques sold to FFL only.
* NEW YORK: All handguns must go to a FFL other than 03.
* ILLINOIS: No handgun sales to some areas, you know who you are.
* Virgina: 5% sales tax must be included for residents.

I do not store guns for sale in the office, if you have a question it may take a day or so to get back with an answer. In addition I frequently travel and will attempt to answer all email ASAP. If you have a multiple questions, please call.

Guns are described using the NRA Antique grading system and/or a percentage system. 

Please check my auctions at and under the seller name Blackbern, and on Ebay under Blackbernllc

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